On the Blackchair is a podcast with Karagan Griffith. Karagan has been the host of Witchtalk for 6 years, a podcast/videocast where diverse authors and occultists were interviewed to talk about their books and work. In 2013, Karagan started On the Blackchair with leaning towards the more traditional paths of Witchcraft. Now in OmnyStudio, Karagan Griffith continues to interview authors and personalities of the occult, all over the world.  On the Blackchair is a podcast dedicated to Traditional Witchcraft and Traditional Wicca with special series. With the Special series "People of Goda", Karagan will be interviewing Shani Oates and discussing the Clan of Tubal Cain mitos and practice. With the Special Series "Tea with Maxine" Karagan and Sharon Day will host a conversation with Maxine Sanders, Witch Queen Emeritus, about important aspects of the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft. With "Whispers from East Anglia" Karagan will interview the authors of Troy Books (troybooks.co.uk) about their work, magic and wisdom.


From Obscure Podcasts comes ESOTERICALLY, a podcast about magic, wisdom and the occult. Different authors, different conversations, different perspectives in the world of magic.