In 1998 a little book called A VOICE IN THE FOREST, Spirit Communications with Alex Sanders made a very big splash in the pagan publishing world when an unknown author named Jimahl di Fiosa claimed to have established spirit communication with Alex Sanders, founder of the Alexandrian tradition of Witchcraft.It had been a full ten years since the death of the King of the Witches and hearing from him again in such a dramatic way was the last thing anyone expected. The first edition of the book was so controversial that many predicted it would fall victim to skepticism and disbelief. However, an amazing thing happened. Alex's voice began to resonate once again in the hearts and minds of readers from all over the world. As Alex stated in one of the documented sessions: magick is in the word. The transformative power of this magick moved readers and critics alike. Reviews of the book were unanimously glowing and the first edition of the book quickly became a collectors item.In 2004 Harvest Shadows Publications www.harvestshadows.com breathed new life into the book by publishing a revised and expanded second edition. This new edition provides detailed and more recent documentation of the amazing journey undertaken by Jimahl and a small circle of Wiccan initiates as they struggle against all odds to fulfill a sacred trust formed across the bridge of life and death.As Jimahl followed Alex's directive to document the sessions and preserve his messages for future generations of the Craft, he inadvertently captured the imagination and passion of a new generation of believers. His true account of this journey provides a unique glimpse into the world of spirit and serves as a reminder that in the world of witchcraft all things are possible.

Listen to Jimhal di Fiosa reading Chapter 1 from "A Voice in the Forest"

 Jimahl di Fiosa

Jimahl di Fiosa

Jimahl di Fiosa was initiated into Alexandrian witchcraft in 1988 and considers that experience to be a major turning point in his life. Jimahl is the author of the critically acclaimed book "A VOICE IN THE FOREST, Spirit Conversations with Alex Sanders", its companion piece, "ALL THE KING'S CHILDREN, the Human Legacy of Alex Sanders" and the highly anticipated new biography of Alex Sanders - "A COIN FOR THE FERRYMAN."

In addition to what Jimahl lovingly refers to as his "Alex trilogy", he is also the author of the popular book "TALK TO ME, When the Dead Speak with the Living." 

Jimahl's interest in the occult spans many years. He has devoted his spiritual path to exploring the mysteries of the Goddess and to the preservation of the Craft for future generations. Jimahl resides in New England with his husband Karagan and their two very happy cats named Storm and Charlie. 

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